Tuesday, November 10, 2009

DEVELOPmental BOOKworms

Reading is a developmental, dynamic, and interactive process that involves the reader, the text, and the context. It extends across all curricula and all written material. The objective of this web log is to develop the reading skills of the students by providing them adequate and quality materials, conditions, and instruction necessary to enable them to reach their highest potential as literate individuals.

Bookworm is a collection of teacher and students interaction in the Developmental Reading Class of Sorsogon National High School, Sorsogon City Division. It is composed of three sections, the two special classes under its ESEP Curriculum I – Adromeda and I – Antlia; and the first section in the Basic Education Curriculum, I – Aquarius.

Bookworms Interactive uses reading text collected by the teacher and are posted on the web where students could give their reflections, views or inputs online about the material posted. Students’ outputs would demonstrate particular reading techniques learned from the subject. Writing skills would also be developed as manifested in their use of the standard English language. In addition to materials posted by the teacher, the students could also post their favorite stories to encourage other students to visit and read and post their blogs. The site is user-friendly and accessible not only to Developmental Reading Classes but even to other students who find it interesting.

Although students are in classroom there would be more time for developmental reading class since the program is a combination of face-to-face and online interaction.

We invite you to come in, sit a spell, and browse around for what you think would be helpful to you. We hope this interactive site will help you do just that.

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